2022 Winner - Sarah El-Shaarawi

Sarah El-Shaarawi is a Canadian writer, editor and researcher. She is managing editor of the journal Arab Media & Society, and a contributing editor at Africa Is a Country. Her work has appeared in Foreign Policy, The National, Newsweek Middle East, Stranger’s Guide and The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, among others.

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2021 Winner - Cristopher Cheung

Christopher Cheung is a Vancouver journalist who writes about diasporas and the power dynamics behind urban change. He is currently a staff reporter at The Tyee. His essay Blind Spots is a powerful reflection on the importance of representation and on-the-ground community reporting in Canadian journalism.

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2020 Winner - Radiyah Chowdhury

Radiyah Chowdhury is a writer, producer and poet from Scarborough, Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Carleton University and currently works as Assistant Editor at Chatelaine. Her essay entitled The Forever Battle of a Journalist of Colour gives a powerful first-hand account of the systematic barriers faced by racialized journalists in Canada.

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Q&A with Radiyah Chowdhury