Tell the candidates in your riding that you support TVOntario

Earlier this year, FRIENDS asked the leaders of Ontario’s main parties to state their position on TVOntario. All the leaders responded positively, except for Progressive Conservative leader and current frontrunner, Doug Ford, who did not respond.

To demonstrate that a large majority of Ontarians support TVOntario, FRIENDS commissioned a public opinion poll from Nanos Research.  The numbers could not be clearer: Ontarians support TVO by an overwhelming margin:

  • 73% of Ontarians want to maintain or increase funding for TVO and its francophone counterpart, TFO, including 66% of people who would consider voting Conservative
  • Only 28% of Ontarians would support a leader who tried to cut TVO

Now we must tell Ontario’s politicians that they should support TVO too!

We must be especially direct with Doug Ford’s Conservatives: the only party that has not responded to our request. Ford’s silence on TVO is ominous, but the polling data suggest we should be seriously worried.

It’s not too late to show Mr. Ford that if he is in fact “For The People”, he must support TVO. At the very least, your message will show Mr. Ford that cutting TVO will hurt him at the ballot box.

Please send a message to the candidates in your riding to tell them that you won’t vote for a party that opposes TVO or hides its position. 

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