For too long, friends and supporters of the government-in-power have been appointed to oversee and govern our CBC. Stephen Harper abused this power to an unprecedented extent. Today, 8 of 10 members of the CBC Board are or have been donors to the Conservative Party. Harper has ensured his hostile agenda will live on by appointing some Board members to serve until 2020, the year after the next election. Learn more.

These Conservative Party donors were all appointed to the CBC Board of Directors by Stephen Harper:


(you can see a year-by-year breakdown of their donation history here)

Only the best and brightest Canadians should govern our CBC, not political hacks and cronies appointed by the Prime Minister. The new government has confirmed promised investments in the CBC and Prime Minister Trudeau is on record that these kinds of appointments are “unacceptable”. On September 22 he promised that:

“the process for CBC/Radio-Canada Board of Directors appointments must be reviewed, to ensure merit-based and independent appointments.”

Now is an ideal time to press for reform!

Please sign the petition to help get politics out of CBC governance.
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Please sign this petition to Prime Minister Trudeau:

I believe the CBC must be allowed to operate freely from political interference that comes from partisan political appointments to positions on the Board of Directors, including CBC’s President.

The practice of patronage appointments must be replaced with a non-partisan, arm’s-length process that will ensure the best and brightest are selected to lead our CBC.

The current Board should be abolished to make way for new, merit-based and independent leadership at the CBC. Finally, I believe that this reconstituted Board of Directors, not the Prime Minister, should have the ability to hire and fire the President.

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