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Liberal Party of Canada Leadership Candidates - Where do they stand on the CBC?

It’s vital that we know where the Liberal leadership candidates stand on on public broadcasting and Canadian cultural sovereignty.  One of them will be chosen to lead the Liberal Party and could even one day become Prime Minister.

Please use the form below to ask all 9 candidates a question.

Sample Questions (feel free to use one of these or craft your own):

  1. I am a fan of the CBC. Do you think the CBC is under-funded and do you support raising CBC's funding level to half of what other developed countries invest in public broadcasting on average? Please be specific.  [Background]
  2. Prime Minister Harper has stacked the CBC Board of Directors with Conservative supporters. Do you favour patronage as the best way to appoint the CBC President and the Board of Directors? [Background]
  3. Should the practice of political patronage appointments to CBC's Board be ended and should the Board be given responsibility to hire and fire CBC's President? [Background]
  4. As a strong supporter of the CBC, please tell me why I should register as a Liberal Party supporter and vote for you?


David Bertschi, Martin Cauchon, Deborah Coyne, Marc Garneau, Martha Hall Findlay, Karen McCrimmon, Joyce Murray, George Takach, Justin Trudeau